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Release date : tuesday 22 february 2011 23:31

Publisher : Code From Home

Version :

Size : 15.58 Mo

Languages : English

What is A IS FOR ?

A IS FOR... You know what it's for. But what about your little angle who just begin to learn how to speak or read? We built this application for every kids out there, to help them have fun while learning English alphabets.

This application also help kids develop fine-motor skills by encourage them to track the alphabet movement while trying to tap on them. As a reward, they get the beautiful sparkling stars as the letter turns in to a picture, which they can tap it again to learn about the picture.

This application is suitable for kids of all ages.

Version 1.0
- Tap on alphabet to hear the sounds.
- Tap on pictures to hear the what it called.
- Random order mode also available.
- Fixed speed or randome speed.
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