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A+ Math Facts

A+ Math Facts

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Release date : saturday 05 november 2011 02:15

Publisher : Squug LLC

Version :

Size : 5.5 Mo

Languages : English, español

What is A+ Math Facts ?

Have fun while you learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Take a multiple-choice Practice Quiz with no time pressure. Or, take on the Speed Challenge, where quickness and accuracy count for top scores. Compete with others from around the world to see your best time on the top of the global leaderboard.

Great for kids, no frustration or failure—if you guess wrong, you can try again until you choose the correct answer. Each round is different, with different problems and different choices for answers. Earn the most points by guessing correctly on the first try.

• Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
• Timed and untimed quizzes
• Global leaderboards
• Optional sound effects

Download A+ Math skills for your child to reinforce basic math proficiency. Or download for yourself, to sharpen your speed, concentration, and focus.

New in Release 2.1: Summary of correct/incorrect answers.

This free game is made possible by in-game advertising. If you prefer an advertising-free option, check out "A+ Math Facts Pro" by Squug, LLC.

Also, check out "Add & Subtract" for younger math players, a gradual approach with 24 levels to help teach additional and subtraction facts. And "Math Knockout", a challenge to knock out all the balloons using your math facts. Both by Squug, LLC.
New in this release: More customization of the practice quiz. Set minimum and/or maximum operand for questions.
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