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Bible Journal Free

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Release date : tuesday 18 january 2011 05:01

Publisher : mini Minds

Version :

Size : 28.16 Mo

Languages : English

What is Bible Journal Free ?

Bible Journal is a must-have for Bible reader. It is designed user friendly in a beautiful panorama page that let you read bookmarked verse and note in one page. People love the features of verse of day as well as sharing verse and note with friends and family by email or post it to Facebook. The search function enables reader to retrieve the passage quite fast along with bookmark the favorite verse.

Distinctive features including:
• Verse of day
• Editing Note
• Bookmark favorite
• Different font size
• Search Capability
• Bookmark favorite
• Offline access to Bible
• Passage to Facebook, SMS, and Email
• 5 translations:
o New International Version
o King James Version
o Chinese Traditional 繁體和合本
o Chinese Simplified 简体和合本
o English Standard Version

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