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Building Blocks Free

Building Blocks Free

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Release date : friday 09 december 2011 18:30

Publisher : QBM5

Version :

Size : 2.73 Mo

Languages : English (United States)

What is Building Blocks Free ?

Building Blocks-
Builders of all ages
Get ready for a new way to learn and play.
We created “Building Blocks” using a revolutionary physics generator to create a realistic building environment that teaches your kids how objects interact in the real world. Our environment utilizes gravity, impacts, and hold angles to create realistic building world. Then we made everything a little bouncy to make it fun.
The ability to generate, move and build using our four basic building blocks lets you and your children create intricate buildings, and other unique creations. The possibilities are endless for building, breaking and redesigning.

Gravity Simulator.

Physics generator.

Impact reactions.

Build using a completely flexible environment.

Endless possibilities.

Endless Play.
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