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Release date : sunday 02 december 2012 19:30

Publisher : Ronel Fernandez

Version :

Size : 4.76 Mo

Languages : English (United States)

What is FieldServicePal ?

Field Service Pal is a basic app to assist fellow Jehovah's Witnesses to record their activities in the field ministry.

Update v.2.2
- New yearly activities page
- Share location page - useful in cases of emergency, meeting with your partner in the ministry, or just simply notifying someone where you are.
- Bug fixes

Update v.2.1
- Removed copyrighted images
- New monthly activities page
- Bug fixes

Update v.2.0.2
- feature to set start day for calendars, can be found under settings page.
- show year range for calendar to avoid confusion when choosing months
- added back feature to set home page to main screen
- bug fixes

Update v2.0.1
- GPS Info for calls
- allows for sorting by distance from home, kingdom hall, work or current location.
- allows for filtering by distance from desired location
- bug fixes

Update v2.0
- can now add return visit from within daily activities page.
- updated most pages to use standard app bar instead of custom buttons.
- moved timer to daily activities page.
- bug fixes
- new diagnostic page

Update v1.9
- new dashboard style
- daily activities redesign
- new logo courtesy of our dear brother Joe Crawford of Wisconsin
- bug fixes

Update v1.8
- Daily Activities Page - enter goal for the day, add note, prison credits, generic credit.
- Bug fixes

Update v1.7
- Calls organized by city
- Inline editing of calls
- Auto-calculation of placements, can still be overridden.
- Bug fixes

Update v1.6
* Analysis Report Page
* Set home page to either main page or dashboard page
* Auto-calculation of RV count
* Carry over excess minutes to following month
* Calendars are now service year based
* Bug Fixes

Update v1.5
* new year bug fix
* filter calls by study
* bug fixes
* more layout changes

Features include:
* track hours, return visits, placements, etc.
* send report to group overseer/secretary
* manage calls and visits
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