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Release date : thursday 22 december 2011 12:45

Publisher : stegreif

Version :

Size : 9.63 Mo

Languages : English (United States)

What is IslamicHub ?

Islamic Hub wants to strengthen our iman and become a center of gaining knowledge and informations for muslims. At the moment it is in english and german language and contains:

- Daily Hadith : Every day a new hadith (english / german)
- Daily Quran : Every day some new verses of the quran in arabic, transliteration and its meaning in english and german (no internet connection needed)
- Do you know? : Gain new knowledge on a regular basis
- Quran Karim: Browse the whole holy quran in arabic, german, english and transliteration (with audio recitation)
-Hadith Database: isA growing hadith database in arabic, german, english and with audio

The idea is to strengthen our iman by reading hadith and quran on a regular basis. So you will get a reminder every day, and the content will be updated every day.
Please give us your feedback, so inshAllah new features will be added.

If you like it, please add your review

Update to version 3.0:
-added option to read past verses in the daily quran section
-added the whole holy quran
-added a hadith database
-some changes in the UI

Update to version 2.5:
- added audio in daily quran section
- changes in the UI (Daily Quran & Do You Know)
- bugfixes

Update to version 2.1:
- fixed an issue with the background agent

Update to version 2.0:
- added arabic quran to the "daily quran" section

Updates to version 1.2:
- complete translation in german
- full screen
- removed tilting effect in hadith section
- fixed issues with the "do you know" section
- added rating functionality
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