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Release date : tuesday 25 january 2011 23:09

Publisher : Lindybeat

Version :

Size : 5.61 Mo

Languages : Deutsch, English, español, français, italiano

What is Lindy Comics ?

Latest updates:
* orientation lock!
* Skydrive support!
* fixed bug where catalog list doesn't always reflect latest changes
* Fixes related to Windows Phone 8
* OAUTH for authentication now
* Updated some email addresses
* New setting: Enable/disable tapping to turn page
* Fixed double tapping on edge - won't go to next page and zoom now!
* Tap on edge of page to turn page - no more swiping needed!
* Now supports Mark and Read/Unread
* at the end/beginning of a comic, it prompts you to go to next/previous comic
* Fixed the bug where ads appear on the comic page. Sorry for the inconvenience

Lindy Comics Free! is an app that lets you read your comic book files (cbr/cbz) for on your phone. You can download your comics from Dropbox! And it's totally free!

You can download your comics from Dropbox! Now with thumbnails, folders, banners, this application makes it easy and pleasing to read your comics on your Windows Phone!

This app has an advanced download queue that will download while you are reading. You can pan, zoom, pinch, fit to width, fit to page, and navigate through the pages.
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