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Release date : friday 20 january 2012 10:27

Publisher : Yalla Apps

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Size : 1 Mo

Languages : English

What is Pedometer ?

Developed by Ali Sufyan

A pedometer counts how many steps you take. It is a
handy device for people who are interested in getting
enough exercise and perhaps need a little motivation.
Pedometers—especially good ones—are expensive. Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, the Pedometer app enables you to turn your phone into a pedometer without the need for a separate device.


Current Windows phones do not report accelerometer data while the screen is turned off!

Unfortunately, this means that no steps can be registered while the screen is off.You must keep the screen on (and therefore the phone unlocked) for the entire time you use this app.This app disables the screen time-out, so you don’t have to worry about your phone automatically locking in your pocket.You do, however, have to worry about accidentally bumping buttons. For the best results, the screen should face away from your body.
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