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Release date : saturday 05 november 2011 20:45

Publisher : Scott Logic

Version :

Size : 0.5 Mo

Languages : English

What is Property Finder UK ?

PropertyFinder is an experiment in creating Windows Phone 7 applications using JavaScript / HTML5. It uses a combination of the following technologies:

jQuery - everyones favourite JavaScript library!

PhoneGap - a cross-mobile framework which provides a mechanism for wrapping JavaScript applications up within a native wrapper.

KnockoutJS - a JavaScript MVVM framework.

In implementing this application I hit upon a number of obstacles which I have written about in my blog. However, I do think that HTML5 is a viable technology for creating mobile applications and more specifically for writting applications that target multiple mobile OSs (iOS, Android, WP7, ...)

Regards, Colin E.


=== Version 1.1 ===

+ Fixed 'My location' button, it now works!
+ Added checkbox to allow the user to disable use of location
+ Fixed styling issues
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