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Release date : wednesday 25 april 2012 20:00

Publisher : upwards bound

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Size : 1.31 Mo

Languages : English (United States)

What is Reward Your Tasks ?

Schedule tasks, and reward yourself for completing them!

Release sale! Get it now for $0.99, or try the trial (limited to 10 incomplete tasks).

Instead of using a regular ToDo application where you complete a task and never see it again, whenever you complete a task get points towards rewards. There's also a point based leveling system, so that you're motivated to complete more tasks to gain levels!


-Set rewards for yourself so that you have a reason to go to the gym, finish up work, or remember the milk. Remembered to go on a run and take vitamins three days in a row? Buy yourself a candy bar.

-Advanced automatic scheduling, allowing you to choose how often a task repeats, and at what time of day. You can schedule exercising for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and remind yourself to do the dishes every two days.

-Set reminders! What's the point of being able to schedule tasks if you don't get reminded about them? Uses the Windows Phone reminder system to make sure you remember to finish your tasks.

-Point based leveling system, to keep track of how much you've accomplished!

-Intuitive, easy to use, no-nonsense, simply windows phone metro interface.

Developer's note:
I started this project as a pet project, seeing what I could do to improve on todo applications already out there. I've used a lot of different ones before, but could never find one which made me actually do the tasks which I created. Then I made this application. It has helped me get into better habits (such as washing the dishes more often, taking vitamins in the morning, and going to the gym regularly), and helped me remember to do tasks which are part of a larger project (such as this app!).

So, I hope that it helps you too acomplish the things in your life which you need do.
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