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Release date : thursday 19 may 2011 23:20

Publisher : Hamastar

Version :

Size : 11.27 Mo

Languages : English

What is eBookHub ?

The SimMAGIC eBook is a interactive multi-media e-book that you could operate easily. After installing the eBookHub software, you can download and read with SimMAGIC eBook immediately. Further infromation: http://www.hamastar.com/.
Interactive learning is this product’s feature, such as select of catalogue, fill in blank, matching, multiple choices, and others. Reading with picture, film and other Multi-media videos could let you realize how useful it is. Note: The contents of current eBooks are all Chinese.

SimMAGIC eBook是提供使用者簡單容易操作的互動式多媒體電子書,安裝eBookHub軟體程式即可下載並閱讀SimMAGIC eBook互動式多媒體電子書,關於更多功能介紹請參考http://www.hamastar.com/
本產品的特色為內容可操作互動式學習,例如目錄的點選、輸入文字(測驗式問答)、連連看測驗、選擇題等功能及圖片、影片等多媒體影音播放,讓你完全了解多媒體有聲書的閱讀效果。 註:目前的電子書內容都是中文。

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