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Release date : friday 17 jone 2011 03:57

Publisher : dgaust

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Size : 8.52 Mo

Languages : English

What is myMedia WP7 ?

myMedia WP7 is designed to provide access to your TVersity server on your WP7 device.

By using myMedia WP7 in conjunction with TVersity (and the profile provided) you can stream music and video from your home server directly to your phone anywhere in the world. Using either wifi or 3G connectivity.

Using the RSS feeds function of TVersity you can also watch online video from virtually anywhere (that provide RSS feeds to video content).

Tversity version 1.9.6+ now contains a copy of the correct profile to detect (preMango) WP7 devices. There is now no need to add anything to your TVersity install. However, if you're using a version prior to 1.9.6+ you will need to add your own WP7 profile. A copy of the profile developed in conjuction with this app is available from http://www.gordonhome.info/?p=166

Version 1.8

SharpGIS GZip webclient for faster performance
Fixed bug with LongListSelector

Version 1.7

* redesigned UI
* Ability to control both Zune and myMedia audio playback
* Improved music fan art
* Pin albums to home screen
* Shuffle music playback
* Pinch to zoom on images
* Flick left or right to view next image in an album
* What's New page will display on first start after updates.
* Downloading videos to device (experimental)
* Last played artist image on application tile
* Sticky syle jumplist header (similar to start pages application list)
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