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Release date : wednesday 11 may 2011 08:49

Publisher : Yalla Apps

Version :

Size : 1.95 Mo

Languages : English

What is RemoteSuite: Ultimate ?

Developed by Atef Shehata

RemoteSuite: Ultimate gives you complete secure access to your PCs or servers. It provides Remote Desktop, Files Manager, Files Transfer, Remote Control and PowerPoint control in a single application.

Ver 1.2
Two fingers zoom and other UI enhancements

Ver 1.1
• Attach to remote console (CMD.exe, etc)
• Aero Enabled
• Control mouse from within PowerPoint
• Other UI improvements

Remote Desktop:
• Fully interact with your desktop from anywhere as you were sitting right in front of it
• Works as windows service which provides access to your desktop even when not logged-in
• Auto-reconnect feature keeps you connected all the time
• Brings full functionalities of standard keyboard into your phone
• Supports view-only and interactive modes
• Capture images of desktop into image library
• Supports zooming and automatic adjustment to remote desktop resolution

Remote Files Manager:
• Browse and Manage files/folders in both your PC and phone
• Create new folders, rename, move, delete, copy, cut and paste
• Supports nested folders
• Download and upload files between your phone and your PCs
• Pause and resume transfers
• Built-in media player allows you to play download media files. Other file types can be viewed using your phone's browser

Remote Control:
• A smart touch-pad and extended keyboard which provide powerful control.
• Watch and control applications running in your PC.
• Launch and create shortcuts.
• Control speakers, lock, restart and more.

PowerPoint Presentations:
• Remotely browse and launch your presentation directly from your phone.
• View high-quality slides.
• View your notes and control animations.
• Provides timer and vibration alert to help you in keeping track of time.

It requires RemoteSuite Server to be installed on your PC. Please download it from www.RemoteSuite.com. (2003, XP, Vista, 7 and 2008).

It is secure, all traffic is compressed and encrypted using AES 128 bits.
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